Micro-O's at Work


Enzymes are the body’s own engineers. Whenever a substance needs to be transformed into another substance, the body uses enzymes. Enzymes can cut biological material into smaller pieces and paste them together again. Additionally, they can break down or build up all life essential substances within our body. Enzymes are a catalyst that makes biochemical reactions happen faster. When this process is complete, enzymes are ready to catalyze a new biochemical reaction.

Enzymes are the workhorses of the body. When you eat, enzymes break down the food into tiny particles that can be converted into energy in the body. The breakdown of food is an essential part of the conversion of food into energy. Undigested food is unable to pass on energy stored within it. Without enzymes, one would die from starvation. Different enzymes break down different parts of the food from the mouth to the intestines.


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